7 Fixes For Can’t Factory Reset Windows error

📌 Custom & Preference Settings – You can customize your recorded video flexibly. For example, you can select any recording areas or windows on your computer; choose if capture the mouse click with any color; customize the hotkeys, etc. As a beloved screen recording software, FonePaw Screen Recorder offers you professional features and beats others with its compatibility and functionality. With this screen recorder, you can record anything you can see on your screen without Xbox.

Our goal is to create world’s leading data recovery, security and backup solutions by providing rock solid performance, innovation, and unparalleled customer service. Setting filesystem type (FS-TYPE) will not create an ext4 filesystem on /dev/vdc1. You still have to create the ext4 filesystem with mkfs.ext4.


Windows also gives the ability to only take a screen shot of the current active window. Each program that is running on your computer is run inside a window. The active window is the program that you are currently using. To take a screen shot of only the active window you would press the ALT and Prt SC or ALT and PrintScreen at the same time. This will create a screen shot of the current window that you are using. An example can be seen in figure 2 below of the active program I was using at the time I pressed those keys.

  • Discussions of those are not allowed and are deleted, and sometimes offenders knuckles get rapped with a hammer.
  • Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution provides a simple way to manage local administrator passwords on domain joined Windows…
  • Confirm that your screenshots are available in the correct location i.e. your desktop, as this will determine whether the screenshot function works or not.
  • There are mainly three methods you can use for partial screenshot Windows 10, and any of them are really helpful.

By default, the PNG format files saved by Windows screenshotting software are unnecessarily large. Once you’ve taken and edited these screenshots, you should make sure to optimize the images for the web. Inserting a screenshot in Gmail.It’s one of the fastest ways to share what’s on your screen without jumping on a call. Press the print screen key, paste it in, press Send, and it’s on its way. This article will show you how to screen-capture any webpage, program, and even full-screen video games using a wide variety of methods. You’ll learn how to capture not just static screenshots but also record videos.

This feature is primarily meant for gamers to record clips of their gameplay, but it can very well be used by anyone to record the computer screen. If you’re looking for free game recording software, OBS Studio is easily the best free screen recorder for you. For this one, you’ll need to have Microsoft Office installed on your PC. The slideshow app from Office, PowerPoint, can be used to record screen in Windows 11.

If your device has a touchscreen, select the Touch Writing tool to use your pen to make changes to the image. Lastly, there’s also the old reliable cropping tool, to make changes to what the screenshot displays by simply clicking and dragging the four corners of the image. You can also crop the image using a pre-defined aspect ratio. There are several Snip & Sketch tools you can use to make changes to your screenshot. There’s a ballpoint pen, highlighter, and eraser if you want to draw on the image, which could be pretty handy if you need to make annotations for an upcoming meeting. Additionally, there’s also a ruler and protractor if you need to make measurements of any kind.

Windows Feature Experience Pack

Windows 10 is the final version of Windows which supports 32-bit processors (IA-32 and ARMv7-based) and devices with BIOS firmware. Its successor, Windows 11, requires a device that uses UEFI firmware and a 64-bit processor in any supported architecture (x86-64 for x86 and ARMv8 for ARM). Storage may be in use,” or, “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space,” reboot the device.

TopicWindowsLinuxCommand LineWindows allows users to use the command line, but not as a Linux command line. As Driversol. it has a huge user base, mostly for new computer users, it can be easily targeted for malicious coders. Furthermore, among all of the operating systems, Microsoft Windows can be part of developing malware and viruses.Linux is a more secure operating system as compared to Microsoft Windows. Additionally, it takes more time to get an update.Linux provides users full control over updates. It can be installed only on the systems with a Windows license key.Linux operating system with a license offers users the benefit to re-use the source code on any number of systems.

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